In Elite: Dangerous the Southern Cross High Guard supports the United Systems Commonwealth in HIP 77807, Cadu Kunus, HIP 76837 7, Mi Hsien, and Rikbakar. Like the Australian and New Zealand colonials of old, we are out here on the rim building a new home.

Each member of the fleet has their own reasons why they’re flyin’ here. To survive, we find all manner of jobs—some legal and some not—and we stick it to the Powers when we can.


Wanting to get in amongst it, are you ready to take on Pirates, Xenos or another hostile faction? The SCHG has a fleet of ready and able pilots, here to wing up with. They’ll get you into the thickest of battles and out again, sign on and join one of our PvE Squadrons, PvP Squadrons or Anti-Xeno Squadrons.



Interstellar trade is the lifeblood of the Rim, so use our experienced member’s and their knowledge of Rim trading routes to make big creds. You can even wing up with a couple to make even more riches. Don’t forget to grab the factions humanitarian missions to make those profitable runs with food and medicines.



Belters, Rock Rats or Rockskippers, if your a rugged independent type who prefers the freedom of space and a life of blowing up rocks then we have a number of roughnecks to help you look for riches out in the asteroid fields. With our combat pilots ready to keep the pirates off your six you surely will become rich.



Our Survey Squadron is a disparate group of ships and pilots who enjoy probing space far and near. These pilots are finding new and interesting things from here to the edge of the galaxy. Be the first to skite about a great find or post a vid shot of the earth-like that you were the first to discover. And when you return to human space, get an escort of combat ships sell-off that data without becoming space dust first.

To join us, jump onto our DISCORD and say hello!