Upham Class Frigate

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The historical usage of the term frigate referred to a small but fast warship, capable of operating on their own, and often assigned to attack smaller targets or providing escort duty to other ships. The Upham Class Frigate, designed upon the Faulcon DeLacy Anaconda hull, is well suited to be a such a multi-role vessel.

The Upham-Class is the Swiss Army Knife of the fleet, it doesn’t do any job completely, but it can do most of everything, best defined as patrol ship, the primary role of the Upham-Class is to roam space away from the fleet providing force projection, escorting/raiding commerce vessels, and conducting anti-piracy mission. In its secondary role, it is designed to fight in a wing during a fleet engagement screening other ships.

The Upham-Class carriers a Thordarson Munitions gimbled spinal mount beam laser underneath the ship, along with three large Kinematic Armaments turreted beam lasers. The beam lasers have been modified to extend the engagement range out to 6kms. Two ship-to-ship missile launchers from Ross Projectiles have been modified to track with IR, for targeting of the engine exhausts. Dual mine launchers with Ion Disruptor and Reverberating Cascade technology provide a special defence system for the warship leaving enemy ships unable or unwilling to pursue.

As well as having military composite armor the ship carries an almost 50 tons of additional hull armor, and 16 tons of internal reinforcement, for up to 3.6k kinetic level protection. A Repair Limpet Controller with 16 limpets provides a limited ability to repair the ship hull, and an Auto Field-Maintenance unit is carried to provide internal repairs. Countermeasures consist of a hull-mounted Chaff Launcher, and a dual-purpose Heat Sink Launcher. An 80-ton Class 7A Shield Generator and 4 0A class Shield boosters provide 1755MJ of shield protection.

A Military power plant produces 50.4MW of power for the ship, and the 7A class thrusters provide a top speed of 272m/s with a military thrust of 363m/s. The Frame Shift Drive allows the ship to jump out to a maximum of 23.13LY at an indefinite range with the fuel scoop.

The ship has a sensor range out to almost 14kms and to assist in commerce raiding the ship carriers an FSD Interdictor, a Frame shift wake scanner and a Kill Warrant Scanner.

The Upham class design is made for members who want to aim for a general ship that can be useful both for patrolling by themselves or as a member of a wing. The shield strength is spread as evenly as possible across the three damage types as is the armor.

With three turreted, long range, beam lasers providing constant fire on a target a Upham can angle its attack to broadside the other ship without going head to head. The huge beam laser can be used for up close work in a head to head, and even upgraded to be used to heal shields of other wing mates, it can also be replaced with another large beam laser to increase the weapons fire on target. A pair of mine launchers with special abilities are there to assist with both ships attacking from the rear or with some good piloting additional attack abilities.

With the Interdictor, the wake scanner and the kill warrant scanner the ship can fill several roles at once, they can also be swapped out for more armor or shield boosters.

Overall the main idea of this build is to provide a goal to aim for all members and is a ship which can support different types of missions.

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